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Clavon’s Wear


Our mission is to create clothing that instills confidence in the wearer. Clavon’s Wear is designed to meet the needs and expectations of individuals from every walk of life. We understand that when you feel comfortable, you’ll feel confident and when you feel confident, you’ll be at ease in any environment.

Our clothing seamlessly transitions from day to night, office to nightclub.

Our pieces help you adapt to a variety of settings while giving you an edge, a flare, an identity that’s uniquely yours. Our clothing is designed with you in mind, our garments will never ‘wear’ you. A man should not change for the clothes but the clothes should change the man, enhancing what’s already inside of him.

The Clavon’s Wear customer is unique, daring, and a trendsetter. The Clavon’s Wear wearer is an Original.