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Founder . Designer . Stylist

I have dreamed about designing and creating my own clothing since I was a little boy. I’ve always been fascinated with clothing. I remember going to Kindergarten and making sure that my suit and my little hat fit just right when we took pictures. My father was a very well dressed man and he always wore hats and I think by watching him as I got older, it set a trend for me. I come from a Caribbean family where they ironed everything and everything had to have a crease. Very different from today. Everything was starched and there was an emphasis on taking care of your clothes and being concerned about your look. I grew up in a household where my father was more fashionable than my mother. Between him being into the way he looked and others who were around him following his trend, set the stage for me to follow suit.

As I grew, I remember in high school wanting to create something that nobody else had. I went to private school and there everybody had to wear the same uniforms. I wanted to find something that made me stick out besides the color of my skin;  that was what people knew me by. I was the only Black kid in my school and I wanted something else to speak for me besides the color of my skin and I think having my own style initiated that. Clothing gives you a sense of who you are without identifying you by color or gender. As a stylist that’s the goal. I want to help an individual create an atmosphere for them to be comfortable, confident, and open to new possibilities that he may have not considered in terms of fashion. My ongoing and developing communication and relationship with clients is the driving force to make them feel great about what they wear.

“I want designing and styling to continue to be fun for me. I don’t want it to ever become work, I enjoy creating clothes that people like to wear.”