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Clavon’s Wear

Our mission is to create clothing where every man can feel confident and comfortable. No matter what background or walk of life they come from, Clavon’s Wear is designed to meet the need and expectation for what today’s man looks for in clothing. When you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, you can feel at ease in any environment you find yourself in. We want men to feel glad about the clothes they have on and to feel like a champion they are while wearing it.

There is this misconception that men are in either gym clothes or a suit and that their color palette is generally blue, gray, or black. However, we believe there is an emerging male, doing more and being more active personally, at work, and in his community. Slowly this trend in lifestyle is becoming the everyday day man.

Clavon’s Wear is for that multifaceted male that interacts with different groups of people whether work colleagues, his peers, or people he meets from various social networks. Our clothing helps you to adapt to every setting while still giving you an edge, a flare, a niche without being something that your not. Our clothing is designed to keep you in mind. We want men who wear our clothing to feel comfortable with who they are without changing who they are. A man should not change for the clothes but the clothes should change for the man and only bring out what is already inside of him.

Clavon’s Wear is a brand of men’s clothing for the innovative male to the everyday well-rounded man. From casual dressing to formal after six wear, our clothing is here for every occasion. Whether commanding power in the boardroom meeting, a trip to the theatre, or a casual outing with friends, Clavon’s Wear keeps you confident, poised, and fashionable at all times.


Our suits are handcrafted from our Thailand manufacturers directly to you. Painstaking fine-stitching ensures every aspect of your suit, from buttons, lapels, and sleeves, and pockets, to be top notch and given the care and attention you deserve.

Our measurement system and exclusive tailoring experience is what drives us to create a timeless piece for each client. Who you are and our quality care ensures your image is not compromised, but captured and enhanced; the perfect combination to create a perfect suit for you.

Whether your desire is to capture who you are, enhance who you are, or re-create yourself Clavon’s Wear is your choice to make it happen. We want to assist and transcend you into your next stage and we believe what you wear is vital to making that happen.

Drawing our inspiration from men, regardless of the stage or walk of life they are in, is how Clavon’s Wear is able to continue to provide fashionable and innovative pieces. Today, media has scarred the image of what people consider fashion and our goal at Clavon’s Wear is to put the control of fashion back into the hands of our clients by tailoring directly to them.

Having trouble finding something to fit who you are? Then have a conversation with us. We believe that the first step to getting you a suit you want and need begins with finding out about the one wearing it. We gauge how our clients feel about themselves and what they feel comfortable in. It takes communication.

Traditionally men are not engaging to people they don’t know, so it is important to pick the right set of questions to ask to get that man to open up. Once we understand the intricacies of who you are, then the process of building an intricate suit to fit you becomes easy.